Real Or Virtual?

Just how true to real life is the content you publish on social media? Whether it’s a Facebook status, Instagram photo or update about your life on Twitter, are you carefully deciding what does and does not make the cut? It doesn’t matter how many followers each of us have. When posting on social media … More Real Or Virtual?


Hi everyone! With new generations being born and raised on the web, technology is everywhere and is influencing everything. Its giving us not only the power to produce creative media content but also to take it, change it around, interchange it with other media and turn it into something almost unrecognisable. Allow us to enter … More Remixes.

Digital Artefact Sources #9-#10

Source 9: Book: ‘Business Etiquette for Dummies’ Fox.S, 2008, Business Etiquette for Dummies, 2nd Edition, Indianna, Wiley Publishing Inc, pg 83-93 from: This source is a book which as a whole teaches individuals proper business etiquette in a seemingly simple manner. The book however becomes relevant to the digital artefact assessment in the chapter … More Digital Artefact Sources #9-#10

Digital Artefact Sources #6- #8

Source 6: Website Post: Tips For University Beginners Youth Central, 2016, 9 Tips For Starting 1st Year, retrieved 17/4/16 from: This website post gives a few tips and pieces of advice for students entering into their first year of university. Although these tips may seem like common sense or may be information that is … More Digital Artefact Sources #6- #8

Digital Artefact Source #3-#5

Source #3: Forbes Article On Facebook Post Suggestions: Heather Hueman, 2015, 17 Awesome Facebook Business Page Post Ideas For Small Businesses, retrieved 16/4/16 from: This is an article providing suggestions and inspiration on the kind of content my partner and I may be able to create for the ‘UOW Exposed’ Facebook Page (however we … More Digital Artefact Source #3-#5

Digital Artefact Source #2

Source #2: Online Weblink to a Site Giving Tips On Conducting Interesting Interviews Nicholas Tart, 2009, 10 Tips For Creating Awesome Interviews For Your Blog, retrieved 16/4/16 from: This source is an article created on the internet discussing ten strategies that one can employ in order to make interviews more interesting for users. It is … More Digital Artefact Source #2